• Fibre Optic Cables

    We supply a wide variety of fibre cables which can be used for end emitting (end glow), side emitting or (side glow), side sparkle for decorative effect fibre optic lighting applications and last but not least bare fibre which is used for star ceilings.

    We also have "multi stranded" and "solid core" fibre optic cable types available, no project is intricate or difficult for us.

    Are you looking to buy fibre optic cable lighting?

    If you are looking for a form of lighting that will add a great effect and has a variety of applications then this is the kind of lighting that you will need. If you are business professional or just someone who loves the look of this kind of lighting then you have come to the right place.

    Fibre Optic Lighting have everything you need for great lighting. They have all of your needs covered and like we've already said, it doesn't matter whether you are a professional or a non-professional. Everything you need for great lighting is here.

    There are some great benefits from having fibre optic cable lighting.

    1/ There is no maintenance at the light point what so ever.
    2/ Colour changing capabilities are standard with every fibre optic lighting system regardless if you want to use it.
    3/ Extremely energy efficient as multiple light points can be connected to illuminator
    4/ Weather proof & Vandal resistant as the is no moving parts or lamps at the light point.

    Only disadvantage is this type of lighting needs to planed and integrated at an early stage of design or construction phase.

    Reality is that fibre optic lighting does a great job at adding the kind of effects you want, for whatever the purpose may be. Think of a bar that has illuminated lighting or furniture in a club with this kind if lighting. It looks great and does a wonderful job of adding a unique effect and vibe.

    You don't have to be a professional to be interested in this type of lighting though, you can just be an enthusiast and that's fine. Whoever you are, you have come to the right place for great lighting.

    “Optic Fibre Lighting & LED Lighting Solution” has been in the business of supplying the very best fibre optic & LED Lighting technologies exclusively for more than 12 years. We are at the forefront of the lighting revolution and are excited to help you as you embrace the revolution.

    To find out more about their great range of fibre optic cable lighting and how it can benefit you call them today on 612 9534 4404.