• 100W halogen 500 point custom star kit

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    Our 100W star ceiling kit is a great entry level star ceiling kit. It contains a 100W halogen illuminator with a twinkle effect wheel as well as a pre-assembled fibre optic harness for ease of installation.

    The fibre optic harness features a combination of fibre cable lengths that vary between 2m, 3m and 4m in length

    Because these are customised systems, the length of fibre points can be adjusted to suit any particular application. 



    • 1 x 100W halogen illuminator with twinkle effect disk
    • 1 x fibre optic harness containing 500 x fibres at varying lengths
            • 150 x 0.75mm diameter @ 2m
            • 150 x 0.75mm diameter @ 3m
            • 200 x 0.75mm diameter @ 4m

    • Installation instructions 

    Illuminator dimensions: (240mm L x 200mm W x 125mm H)  
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